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PTO News

Not able to make an program but would like to know more about how it went?  Looking for yourself, your kids or friends in photos from a PTO program?  Here's the place to stay up to date about what's going on with GYE PTO.

The most recent event is shown in the first section. All the events listed below the first section are in timeline order.

iCode Spirit Night

March 22, 2024

Multiple GYE families had a great time at the iCode Spirit Night!!  The donation back to the PTO totaled $384.  Thank you to all who participated and to iCode for entertaining our kiddos!!

icode spirit night 5.jpg

STARR Testing Month

April 2024

The kiddos and staff understand the importance to STARR testing at GYE.  This year the PTO provided multiple breakfasts for the teachers and made a sticky board for the kids. The students were also welcomed to school by a yard sign to help them get pumped up!!  3rd-5th grade students participate in the STARR but the whole school feels the effects as they are asked to remain quiet and calm on testing days.  The PTO provided an inspirational and encouraging sticky board for any student to "Take What You Need".  It was wonderful to see the students enjoy all the love!!

STARR Sticky Board with Kids.jpg
STARR Sign.jpg
STARR Breakfast.JPG
STARR Sticky Board close.jpg
STARR Sticky Board.jpg
Starr Sticky Board with PTO.jpg

Welcome Back Lunch for teachers and staff

July 31, 2023

Teacher Lunch Sign.jpg
Teacher Lunch 2.jpg

Teachers and staff were allowed to preorder their Panera lunch and PTO mingled and served the lunches during in-service lunch time.  PTO was given time to talk with the teachers about the new year, answer any questions and share the plans for 23-24.  The new teachers to GYE were also given special welcome bags.

Teacher Lunch Panera Boxes.jpg

Kinder Parent
Boo Hoo Breakfast

August 9, 2023

After dropping their kids off for the first day of Kindergarten, parents were invited to join the PTO Board in the SDR for breakfast bites, conversation, Kleenex and transition time before leaving the school for the morning.  Many parents stopped by to connect with each other and the PTO Board.

Boo Hoo Breakfast.jpg
Boo Hoo Breakfast Goodies.jpg

Recess Fun for 2024!!


Recess Balls 2.JPEG

To start off the New Year, the PTO gifted each grade level with new recess equipment & sports balls!  It is a great way to have students engage with one another out of class & learn sharing qualities while being active outside! The PTO also included a bag and air pump, to keep the fun going.

Recess Balls.JPEG

Step It Up POP Fundraiser and Day of Awesomeness

September 5-19.2023

October 13, 2023

Fundraiser Check.jpg

This was the big fundraiser push for the PTO for 23-24 school year.  PTO partnered with a fundraising company to bring POP! to the students.  This fundraiser was earmarked to allow the school to purchase new lunch tables.  The kids helped the PTO bring $26,992 to the school - this will purchase about a 1/3 of the tables needed for the cafeteria.  The reward for the kids for all their hard work was a DAY OF AWESOMENESS at which they had time by grade level to come out to the field and play with many inflatables.  

POP Coming Soon.png

GYE PTO General Meeting

September 21, 2023

At the first of the year Glenn York Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization General Meeting, the PTO Board introduced themselves, shared progress on the fundraising project from the last few years and shared the plan for the 23-24 year.

New Playground FullSizeRender.heic.JPEG
General Meeting.jpg
Playground with scissors.jpg

Trunk or Treat

October 27, 2023

GYE PTO loves gifting this event to the community each year!!!!  This year we had many trunks, pumpkin decorating, a silent auction, petting zoo, music, dancing, trunk awards, costume contest, food trucks and lots and lots of fun!!!

TNT Arch.jpg
TNT Teachers.jpg
TNT petting zoo.jpg
TNT Auction pillow back.jpg
TNT group photo with Chang (2).jpg

GYE PTO General Meeting

November 2, 2023

The PTO Board hosted another General Meeting to update the GYE Community on the happenings of the year to date and what is to come until the next General meeting.

General Meeting.jpg
Fundraiser Check.jpg

Gift of Time

November 10, 2023

Gift of Time.jpg

GYE parents came out in bunches to help the PTO give the teachers GIFT OF TIME!!  The teachers were able to all have lunch and recess to all eat and conversate together as the parents held the fort down in the cafeteria and on the playground.

Holiday Photos

November 13, 2023

We know that our GYE parents are busy so the PTO offers an in-school option for holiday photos.  Two backdrops were offered this year and many kids/families enjoyed getting their holiday photos done without having to stand in lines out in the public.  

Thankgiving Lunch for the Teachers and Staff

November 15, 2023

School Staff.jpg

We are so Thankful for our teacher and staff.  The GYE PTO provides turkey and ham to feed the teachers and staff at their Thanksgiving Lunch.  Many parents also came to serve this lunch and share their appreciation with the teachers.

Teacher Supply Drive 
and Store

January 19, 2024


Thank you to all the parents and families who donated to the Teacher Supply Drive.  The teachers very much appreciate getting the supplies the need at the beginning of the second semester.  The PTO also includes a few extra surprises in the teacher's shopping bags so a few of the teachers get to do a little extra shopping for themselves.  

Monthly Teacher Appreciation

Sept 5th, Oct 12th, Nov 15th,

Dec 18th, Jan 19th, Feb 12th

Part of the PTO Mission is to support our teachers and staff as they educate and care for our GYE kiddos.  Each month we put together a teacher appreciation such as stock the fridge, teacher supply drive, dessert bar, gift of time, coffee truck, VIP snack cart etc.

Teacher Appre Sweets 2.jpg
Teacher Appre Sweets.jpg
Teacher Appre Snacks.jpg
Teacher Appre Coffee 3.JPG
Teacher Appre Coffee .JPG
Teacher Appre Coffee 2.JPG
Teacher Appre Stock the fridge.jpg
teacher door tag 2.JPG
teacher doortag .JPG

VIP Car Rider Pass Auction

August 28-29, 2023

Each year this is one of the highest sought after fundraisers completed by the PTO.  Parents participate in an online auction to purchase precious passes that allow them to skip the car-rider line every day for the year and pick up their kiddos first at the end of each day.  For 23-24, the PTO brought in about $7,600 from this fundraiser and some very happy families are enjoying being VIPs.

VIP Car Rider_edited.jpg

Spirit Night at Jimmy Changas

February 27, 2024

Thank you to Jimmy Changas for partnering with the PTO to bring our families a great meal option and for donating $374 of their sales back to the PTO!!  Thank you to all the families who participated in this fundraiser.

Ranger Round-up Dance

January 23, 2024

The first annual Ranger Round-Up Dance was a SUCCESS!! Kids and family alike enjoyed dancing, photo ops, roping a steer, Marco's Pizza (donation from sales $86.50), Jeremiah's Ice, Seven Seeds and raffle prizes.  

Dance 3.jpg
Dance DJ.jpg
Dance Photo Op.jpg
Dance 4.jpg
Dance 6.jpg
Dance 1.jpg
Dance Checkin 2.jpg
Dance Stage.jpg
Dance Roping.jpg
Dance Rope and straw.jpg
Dance Group.jpg
Dance Colored.JPG
Dance 8.jpg
Dance 7.JPG

iCode Spirit Night

March 22, 2024

Multiple GYE families had a great time at the iCode Spirit Night!!  The donation back to the PTO totaled $384.  Thank you to all who participated and to iCode for entertaining our kiddos!!

icode spirit night 5.jpg

March Teacher Appreciation

March 18, 2024

The teachers were provided with snacks and four lucky teachers who drew the green lollipop sticks were given gift cards.  

March Teacher Winner 2.jpg
March TA Lollipop.jpg
March TA Snacks.jpg
March Teacher Winner 4.jpg
March Teacher Winner.jpg
March Teacher Winner 3.jpg

PTO General Meeting - Election Meeting

April 25, 2024

The PTO Board met with GYE parents and staff to discuss the budget and events of the year so far.  A presentation from all nominees for the 2024-2025 GYE PTO Board was made and election voting was completed by all Ranger Support members.

General Meeting Elections.jpg
24-25 PTO Board Announcement.jpg
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